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What sets our rebuilt transmissions apart from the rest???

We offer amazing discount pricing at 40% less than our competition.

Your rebuilt transmission also comes with a No Fault Warranty Policy so you can feel safe in your decision to buy.

  • We give you a 12 Month Warranty. Extended warranties are available up to 4 years.
  • Rebuilt Transmissions are automatically updated to changes  made by the manufacturer to improve performance since your original factory transmission was produced.
  • New original manufacturers parts are used to replace all worn or discarded components.
  • Specified high-risk parts are replaced with new parts whether worn or not.
  • We specialize in  4L60E, 4L65E,4L70E, and 700R4 transmissions.
  • We audit the entire rebuild process to make sure the original manufacturer’s high standards are met.

Prices are updated daily – if your vehicle is not listed – call one of our team members for pricing

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Are you experiencing a Rebuilt Automatic Transmission Problem?


We can help you solve the problem!


Dealing with repairs to your transmission or vehicle can be very confusing experience and also expensive.  Making a choice to repair or replace a transmission can be a difficult one.  You know you just can’t take the stalls, noises, slipping, and maybe even grinding noises from your transmission any longer.  The path you choose is very important, that is why you should consider a rebuilt transmission.


Close to 60% or more automatic transmissions will fail within the approximate 125,000 to 185,000-mile range.  Most common failures are losing reverse, or no 3rd or 4th gear, sometimes slamming from first to second, or just the transmission will completely fail altogether.   Most used transmissions in the marketplace have high mileage and will need to be replaced.


Our transmissions are run through an assembly line process using strict standard guidelines to ensure quality. Each transmission unit is fully cleaned, prepped and quality inspected making sure it is free of dirt and debris, and that your transmission fluid is cherry red.Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) updates are installed. Transmissions are built to Original Equipment manufacturer specifications.  Any part, even if it is ok, or is obsolete per the manufacturer we make the replacement.  Any part that is damaged beyond specification and tolerances is replaced.  We install shift correction kits to valve bodies and hard parts are used in critical areas to improve durability.


We are a high volume supplier of transmission hard parts and rebuilt transmissions. We have all parts stocked and on hand at all times. We are able to pass on wholesale prices to you based on our high volume buying power. When you buy a rebuilt transmission from us we ship it to either your residence or business. Rebuilt transmission supply has the nation’s only exclusive “ No Fault Guarantee Policy” that will offer you great peace of mind – go check it out at our warranty tab above.   Give one of our reps a call or go online and buy your newly rebuilt transmission today

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We can ship your part to your home, your repair shop or to just about any other location.

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Industries Best Warranty

We guarantee that all of our products are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of up to 48 months.